The Future of Life Insurance

by ilan leas

Life Insurance is an important financial thread that binds our social and economic fabric and recently in Australia, has been subject to intense public scrutiny by customers, media, regulators and investors. In this paper, Ilan Leas discusses the future of the Australian life insurance industry and sets out a range of ideas for government and industry that suggest how life insurance could adapt to meet increasingly demanding consumer needs and expectations of the future.

Key points

  • Life insurance is important, providing $5.21 trillion dollars of peace of mind to Australians. Despite this, there are areas of life insurance that have not kept up with rapid societal changes or met community expectations.
  • Life insurance will only remain relevant if it takes some significant steps towards a future model that centres around the consumer. Some have been taken but the shift needs tohappen quickly.
  • Life insurance’s value proposition must be more understandable, easier to access, modernised and fairer.

Dialogue Podcast

John McLenaghan (Public Policy Adviser at the Actuaries Institute) interviews Ilan Leas (Managing Director at Retender) on his Dialogue thought leadership paper about what the life insurance industry might look like in the future as it strives to meet consumer expectations in a fast-changing environment.

Listen to the podcast

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