Transition Arrangements

The Actuaries Institute has put in place a series of Transition Arrangements to help make sure you cover all the disciplines needed to achieve qualification as the new syllabus is rolled out. The table below compares the old and new subjects and how they relate to each other. 

The exemptions process will continue to form part of the new exam structure. For exemptions in the new Foundation Program based on the CT subjects, you must have been granted a pass from the applicable Part I subject(s) by 1 February 2019. You will have until 31 December 2023 to claim these CT exemptions. You can also gain exemptions by studying the new Foundation Program subjects directly with the Actuaries Institute.

(FROM 2019)

Comprises 6 Core Principle subjects:


Comprises 8 Core Technical subjects:

 CS1 - Actuarial Statistics 1

CT3 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics

 CS2 -Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis

CT4 – Models
CT6 - Statistical Methods
 CM1 -Actuarial Mathematics 1 CT1 - Financial Mathematics
CT5 - Contingencies
 CM2 -Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving CT8 - Financial Economics
 CB1 -Business Finance CT2 - Finance and Financial Reporting
 CB2 -Business Economics  CT7 - Business Economics

Note: All course syllabi are provided by the UK’s Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

Exemption Mapping

Any Part I exemptions that you have already claimed will be transferred to the Foundation Program based on the mapping shown below. 

For example, if you have completed CT3 Probability and Mathematical Studies under the old Part 1 Program, you will be exempted from CS1 Actuarial Statistics in the new Foundation Program.

Exemptions Mapping