Data Analytics Applications Subject

Rapid technological advances now mean that large volumes of data processed by fast computers are available to organisations. As a result, companies are seeking greater insights from this information. This presents actuaries with increased growth opportunities to use modern data analytics tools and techniques to solve complex and challenging business problems.

Overview and aim

This subject is a Fellowship Applications (Module 3) subject.

The aim of the subject is to teach students how to apply a range of data analytics skills, such as neural networks, natural language processing, unsupervised learning and optimisation techniques, together with their professional judgement, to solve a variety of complex and challenging business problems. The business problems used as examples in this subject are drawn from a wide range of industries.

Learning objectives

  • Assess the impact of complex business environments on all stages of a data analytics projects;
  • Perform data analytics using a variety of tools and techniques to successfully solve realistic business problems; and
  • Contribute to the successful implementation of data driven change in an organisation.

Subject pre-requisites

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Subject syllabus

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More information

The below video provides a summary of the topics to be taught in this subject.