Becoming a University Subscriber

The Actuaries Institute has a free university subscription for students pursuing an actuarial degree or mathematics and science-related degrees.


  • Download Actuarial Sprint from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Gain access to career opportunities advertised with the Actuaries Institute, including vacation employment and graduate programs.
  • Register for Insights and Young Actuaries Program sessions, where you can hear from senior and experienced actuaries in Australia.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technical and professional information and research with Actuaries Digital.

How to join

Simply register to become a University Subscriber, being sure to select Student – Full Time as your Work Status and complete the section under Study.

University subscribers must be university students who are not employed full time. An extra twelve months subscription will be extended to all subscribers upon completion of their degree.

Please note: University Subscribers are not members. University Subscribers wishing to enrol in our Education program must become a member and pay all standard fees first.